Design / Build

What is Design / Build? It is more than a service; it is a way of conducting our business that leads to developing trust based relationships with potential customers who value our expertise, experience, input, and professionalism.

HNI's Design / Build program effectively integrates high quality design services with premium construction services to ensure the success of each and every project. This full-service approach allows HNI Services the ability to see your project through from start to finish, keeping design, engineering and your investment in mind.

Your home is too important to entrust to anyone but a professional Design / Build remodeler like HNI Services.

Benefits to the Design / Build Customer:

Helps ensure that your visions and dreams become a reality by combining normally independent functions and expertise into a cohesive, single-team effort.

  • Better finished product due to consistency of the design vision and construction execution.
  • Better communication from a single point of contact.
  • Saves you time with one-stop shopping for your convenience.
  • Reduced stress of having to deal with multiple vendors giving you different information.
  • Eliminates the blame game and ensures accountability!
  • Allows for a realistic and practical project design because the Homeowner and the Design / Build Remodeler have worked together every step of the way to determine the budget requirements necessary for your designed outcome.

"We want to tell you how happy we are with the quality of work we received. The result of our remodeling project is everything and more than we expected. We commend you on a job well done."
Clear Lake Home Owner

The Design / Build Process:

Step 1: First Contact

Typically a Phone Interview to discuss your goals, timing, the current status of your project, the expected investment (budget) and specific needs for plan design.

Step 2: First Site Visit

The site visit is our information gathering session. HNI Services requests your feedback regarding goals, objectives and desires. We'll also talk about the minimum required budget for the project. Photos, magazine clippings, lot survey, deed restrictions and selections are helpful in gathering details on your project. If our design services are needed, a Design Agreement will be drafted, and a retainer for the design will be requested.

Step 3: Second Site Visit

Another meeting at your home with our Designer and HNI Services. We'll review your project Needs, Wants and Desires as well as go over any photos, magazine clippings and sketches you might have. Jobsite measurements and photos are taken. In certain situations, the Designer will produce some rough sketches to show your ideas & dreams becoming a reality. We'll also discuss the feasibility of the project in regards to budget.

Step 4: Preliminary Design Stage

Conceptual drawings of your project are created in ¼" scale. These may include a single floor plan layout and perhaps one exterior elevation possibility. An appointment is made with you to review the preliminary designs, discuss any changes, and revisit your Needs, Wants, and Desires. A preliminary price range is discussed to see how it relates to your budget for the project with any changes.

Step 5: Plan Revisions to Construction Drawings

The Designer uses your feedback to produce the final drawings necessary for Homeowner Association approvals, permitting, estimating, engineering, and construction. Details about your project are added related to foundation, framing, electrical wiring, cabinet elevations, and exterior elevations. Often times HNI Services will schedule a "trade day" at the project – a day where our select subcontractors come to view the existing conditions, review the new designs, and discuss with HNI Services any questions or potential obstacles. They will then provide to HNI Services a "hard bid" to be used in our estimate of construction cost. Recommendations for products, materials, and finishes are passed on to you.

Step 6: Final Drawings and Estimating

Final drawings are completed after HNI Services is provided any additional feedback from you, as well as the subcontractors that visited the project. Final Plans are presented to you to review and sign off. HNI Services then completes its estimate of hard cost, for the "sticks and bricks".

Step 7: Scope of Work, Proposal, Contract

A meeting is scheduled with you to present the detailed Scope of Work, including Specifications, Allowances, necessary selections, Change Order policy, and the preliminary schedule. The Proposal showing a lump sum required investment is attached and presented with the Contract.

Step 8: Permits and Construction

Once the Contract is signed, permit applications are made. Selections are completed, and materials which require a longer lead time are ordered. A project start date will be scheduled along with the Pre-Construction meeting. As soon as permits are available, construction can begin.

With HNI Services' project experience, we can bring your project to a successful and satisfying completion.