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Top 10 Reasons to Remodel Now

  1. Remodel now for maintenance and home performance improvement. Replace siding to fix drafts or repair the roof to stop leaks. Savvy home maintenance ranges from replacing the HVAC system to improve heating and cooling to fixing plumbing. Consistent home maintenance raises the value of your home, but even more importantly it keeps your home functional and comfortable.
  2. Remodel now to improve home value. Adding a deck, expanding your kitchen, remodeling to open the floor plan, and many other projects can increase the value of your home. Smart remodels enhance your greatest investment—your home. Some of the best value adding remodels are the least invasive, such as replacing siding or adding a small bath.
  3. Remodel now to modernize your home. Perhaps it was that moment you realized that avocado green and harvest gold are no longer the “in” colors for today’s trendy kitchen that you thought about remodeling. Replacing cabinets, fixtures, repainting, and installing new countertops all help to update your home for a contemporary look.
  4. Remodel now while interest rates are low. Interest rates are at historic lows. For homeowners with good credit and accumulated home equity, now is the perfect time to invest in home remodeling projects. Don’t postpone necessary repairs or desired remodeling because you could miss out on this window of opportunity.
  5. Remodel now to save money by improving energy-efficiency and installing long-life home products. A home can be considered green when energy efficiency, water and resource conservation, the use of sustainable or recycled products, and indoor air quality considerations are incorporated into the process of home remodeling. Professional remodelers increasingly incorporate energy-efficiency and long-life products into their business. Home owners save money by improving the efficiency of their home, but using recycled materials and hearty products will also save resources.
  6. Remodel now to enhance curb appeal. Home improvement projects help maintain and increase the value of your home. But considering the external appearance of your home is also important in improving the value and sales potential. New siding, fresh paint, clean gutters, neat landscaping, and an intact roof enhance the curb appeal of your home.
  7. Remodel now to enjoy outdoor living and entertaining. Expand the capacity of your home by adding a deck, patio, or other outdoor living space. You’ll have more room to entertain friends and be able to enjoy outdoor relaxation while in the comfort of your home.
  8. Remodel now to enjoy the kitchen of your dreams. Installing a new stove, replacing countertops, or replacing your refrigerator can improve the function of your kitchen. Widely considered the heart of the home and where most people gather and spend time together, creating the right feel for your kitchen is essential. Remodelers also can help improve work flow in your kitchen with more open spaces and strategic placement of appliances.
  9. Remodel now to enjoy a luxurious bathroom. The bathroom is a place to get away, relax, and pamper oneself. Beyond daily grooming, bathrooms reinvigorate with spa bathtubs, massaging showers, vanities, and other amenities. Create the refuge you need at the end of a busy day. Just adding new cabinets, sink, flooring or tub can revitalize the bathroom and make it a quiet refuge for pampering. A 2006 NAHB analysis of data from the American Housing Survey found that adding a half bath can increase home value 10.5 percent and a full bath contributes 20 percent to home value.
  10. Remodel now to age in place or incorporate universal design features. Bringing in a remodeler experienced with universal design can greatly improve your home for accessibility. If your aging-in-place, recently acquired a disability, or just want a home easier to maneuver in, a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) can assess your home and remodel according to your specific needs. A CAPS remodeler can also help make your home visitable, so that an aging relative or friend with a disability can visit your home on the first floor.